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Braised chick of beef


  • Preparing time : 35 minutes
  • Ingredients : for 4 persons
    3 onions
    5 cloves
    2 carrots
    3 cloves of garlic
    1kg beef cheek cut into pieces of 60grs
    the zest of a lemon
    a branch of thyme
    4 sheets of laurel
    1 large spoonful of olive oil
    2ls of red wine
    20cls of groundnut oil
    salt, pepper
  • Cooking time : 7h30

Peel and cut two onions into thin stripes. Peel and spike the remaining onion with the cloves.
Peel, wash and cut the carrots into rounds. Peel and mash the garlic. Put everything in a big plate: the beef, the zest, the thyme, the laurel, and the olive oil.
Season with salt and pepper then recover with the red wine.
Put this plate in the fridge and let it marinate all night long.

Take out the pieces of beef from the marinade with a skipper, then drain them. Put the groundnut oil in a pressure cooker. Heat it, then fry the beef until it gets a golden colour. Recover with the marinade and let it cook on a soft temperature for 7 hours.
Put the water and the coarse salt in a pan, let it boil. Pour the corn semolina in the water whilst mixing until it gets thick Take it off the fire and add the grated cheese and the butter.
Mix and put the 'polenta' on a plate. Make it homogeneous and 1cm thick. Let it chill before cutting it into12 pancakes with a flower shaped punch.

Put the polenta pancakes in the oven to warm them up.
Place 3 polenta pancakes in each plate, the braised meat at the center, and pour the gravy on top.


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