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Gansa nissarda


  • Preparing time : 30 minutes & repos de la pâte
  • Ingredients : For 8 persons
    400grs of flour
    50grs of sugar
    6 eggs
    0.02 ls (a large spoonful) of orange tree flower water
    grated zest of half a lemon
    baking powder (optional)
    icing sugar

Put the flour in a fountain shape in a baker's tray, add the whipped eggs, the olive oil, the grated zest, the orange tree flower water, the baking powder (optional), and the salt.
Mix the dough you obtained during five minutes then let it rest for at least 2 hours in a big bowl.
Roll it 3mm thick, take out the excess of flour with a flour brush. Cut the dough into 2cm large and 10cm long stripes with a rolling knife. Make a lock of the stripes, then dip them into boiling oil. Wait until they get a nice colour, remove them and drain them on absorbent paper. Pour icing sugar or sugar powder before dressing.


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