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Nicois style stuffed tomatoes


  • Ingredients : For 6 persons
    6 tomatoes
    3 slices of headcheese
    a bowl of green peas cooked with salted water
    2 boiled eggs
    12 black olives
    oil, vinegar, salt, pepper
    1 clove of garlic
    2 shallots

Cut the upper part of the tomatoes. Remove the flesh with a small spoon. Salt the inside part. Let it rest for ten minutes.
Cut the headcheese and the green peas into small cubes.
Thinly chop the garlic and the shallots. Peel the boiled eggs, then chop them. Remove the pit from the olives. Put all these ingredients in a salad bowl. Prepare the vinaigrette ( French dressing) with olive oil. Pour it in the salad bowl, mix the sauce and the ingredients.
Drain the tomatoes. Fill them with the salad. Put them in the fridge before serving.


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