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The commune which was made up formerly also current communes of Beausoleil and of Cap d'Ail was dismembered at the beginning of the XX century. Only the old chief town gathered around Trophy of Augustus the form the current commune.


The boundaries of La Turbie were formerly more extensive and included the territory now contained in the town of Beausoleil, formerly known as Haut-Monte-Carlo, owing to its proximity to MONACO-monte-carlo. The commune of La Turbie retains a smaller, common boundary with part of the Principality. La Turbie can be reached either from Cap d'Ail on the coast or the Grand Corniche. Within the town is the Trophy of Augustus, also known as the Trophée des Alpes.


To note the amusing origin of the calcareous headland called of the Tête de Chien : in fact the original name of the place known as was Testa de can , which wanted to say Tête de camp (military). In language niçois , Testa can was compared to Tête of Dog ( chien se dit can in niçois) ( dog says edge in english) as the name of the local speciality attests it merda de can ). Today, it is amusing to see many tourists seeking in the cut out forms of the relief, a vague profile of dog (which they never find, because absent…). The village is built, partly, with old stones recovered on the ruins of the Trophy of the Alpes (Trophy of Auguste), Roman monument built by the emperor Octave (Auguste) to celebrate his victory over the ligure tribes which lived the mountains of the area and attacked the merchants borrowing the Roman ways to make trade.

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    Surveying the coast from high above Monaco, this Roman monument was built to commemorate pax romana throughout the region and glorify the victory of Emperor Augustus over the rebellious Ligurian tribes.[...]
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